Friday, May 23, 2008

Enabling Archive Log Mode

Create two directories in Linux
$mkdir $oracle_home/archive1
$mkdir $oracle_home/archive2

Connect with sqlplus as SYS
sql> conn / as sysdba

set archive log destination parameter
sql> alter system set log_archive_dest1=’location=$oracle_home/archive1’ scope = spfile;
sql> alter system set log_archive_dest2=’location=$oracle_home/archive2’ scope = spfile;
sql>alter system set log_archive_format=’orclarch_%d_%t_%r_%s.log’ scope = spfile;

now shutdown database
sql>shut immediate

then start database in mount mode
sql>startup mount

now put database in archive log mode
sql>alter database archivelog;

open the database
sql>alter database open;

Now check is it in archive log mode?

sql>alter system switch logfile;
then go to archive1 directory and see physically that archive log is there and also see that in oracle by following command.
sql>select name from v$archived_log;


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